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Regulation for Participating in Exhibition

Article 1. Definitions
1. "Exhibition" means "SMATOF 2019".
2. "Exhibitors" mean the companies, partnerships and organizations that have paid contractual deposits and submitted participation applications to participate in the Exhibition.
3. "Organizers" mean "COEX Changwon Administration" (Changwon Exhibition Convention Center).

Article 2. Submitting Applications and Constitution of Contracts
1. The Exhibitor shall submit an application to the Organizers and pay 50% of a participation fee (including value-added taxes) within seven (7) days after the submission of the application.
2. The submission of the application and the payment of the contractual deposit by the Exhibitor shall be deemed as the constitution of a contract on the participation in the Exhibition.
3. The Exhibitor shall pay the remaining amount by May 31 in case of an early applicatoin and by August 30 in case of a general application. If the Exhibitor fails to pay the remaining amount by each specified deadline, the Organizers may cancel its application and not return the already paid contractual deposit to the Exhibitor.
4. If the Exhibitor cancels its application after September 30, 2019, its already paid contractual deposit (participation fee) shall not be refunded.

Article 3. Allocation of Booths
1. If an exhibitor fails to occupy the exhibit space assigned, this shall be considered a default on the exhibitor’s part, the Organizers may discretionarily change the locations and sizes of the booths already allocated to the Exhibitors to efficiently organize the exhibition hall, and the Exhibitors may not raise an objection to and demand the compensation for, the result of such change.
2. The Exhibitor shall not sublease the allocated booth, in whole or in part, to others nor exchange the allocated booth with another Exhibitor, without the prior approval of the Organizers.

Article 4. Management of Booth
1. The Exhibitor shall display items as specified in its application and keep its personnel staying at the booth.
2. The Exhibitor shall be fully liable for any and all monetary losses caused by all kinds of accidents that may occur in the exhibition hall, such as theft of displayed exhibition items or related equipment, fires, and damage (to the exhibition hall), and may not claim the compensation for such losses from the Organizers.
3. If the Exhibitor displays different items from those as specified in its application or items that do not suit the purpose of the Exhibition or sell such items within the exhibition hall without the prior approval of the Organizers, the Organizers may immediately command the Exhibitor to stop the exhibition or remove or take out such items. In such case, any and all costs, including the participation fee, shall not be refundable and the Exhibitor shall not demand the compensation for such costs. The Exhibitor shall consult with the Organizers on whether to display items that may pose threats to the safety of the Exhibition’s participants (attendees).
4. Organizers may restrict certain persons’ entry into and exit from the exhibition hall, if it is necessary for the smooth and efficient operation of the Exhibition.

Article 5. Exhibition Preparations and Restoration to Original Status
1. The Exhibitor shall complete making preparations for the Exhibition, including installation of the booth and the brining-in of exhibition items, within the booth allocated to it within a specified preparation period.
2. Organizers shall remove all exhibition equipment and items within a specified period for such removal after the closing of the Exhibition and restore the exhibition hall to an original state.
3. If the Exhibitor fails to remove such exhibition equipment and items within such a period prescribed in Paragraph 2 above, the Exhibitor shall bear the removal costs incurred by a third party.
4. The Exhibitor shall indemnify the Organizers for any loss caused by delays in the installation and removal of such equipment and items or any damage incurred to the exhibition hall.

Article 6. Limit on Height of Booth and Firefighting Rule
1. The scope (height) of all installed equipment and items may not exceed that designated by the Organizers considering the scope and location of the Exhibitor’s booth.
2. The equipment and items installed within the exhibition hall shall be made of fireproof materials, which the Organizers may require to be replaced, if necessary, and the Exhibitor may not construct a duplex booth. However, the Exhibitor may install such a duplex booth with the least space required for customers’ consulting after obtaining a prior approval from the Organizers.

Article 7. Limit on Weight of Exhibition Equipment and Items
The weight of exhibition equipment and items shall be limited, depending on the ground structure of the exhibition hall. If the weight of exhibition equipment and items exceeds 1.5t/m2, the Exhibitor shall submit the specifications of such equipment and items in a heavy equipment (items) declaration form one month prior to the bringing-in of such equipment and items, and have prior consultation with the Organizers on it. If necessary, the Exhibitor shall take separate safety measures.

Article 8. Termination
1. The Organizers may unilaterally cancel the participation of the Exhibitor and terminate a contract prior to or duinrg the Exhibition in any of the following:
  A) The Exhibitor fails to pay a participation fee and incidental costs in full that are due within a prescribed period;
  B) The Exhibitor unilaterally refuses to use the booth allocated to it, in whole or in part or subleases or assigns the booth to a third party without the prior approval of the Organizers;
  C) If the Exhibitor (participant) does not comply with this Regulation or commits any act that hinders the Exhibition;
2. In the event of the cancellation of the Exhibitor’s participation due to the event as indicated in Paragraph 1 above, the full amount of the participation fee paid by the Exhibitor shall not be refundable and not be allowed to be carried forward as the participating fee for the next exhibition of this kind.
3. If the Exhibition is cancelled or postponed for more than one year due to unavoidable circumstances, such as the government’s regulation or natural disasters, the Exhibitor shall demand no compensation whatsoever from the Organizers in connection with such cancellation or postponement.

Article 9. Penalty for Cancellation of Participation and Reduction in the Scope of Exhibition
If the Exhibitor cancels its participation or reduces the scope of its exhibition (booth) after the submission of its participation application (contract), it shall pay to the Organizers the following penalty within fifteen (15) days after such cancellation or reduction. Such penalty shall be deducted from the Exhibitor’s already paid participation fee. If the participation fee falls short of such penalty, the Exhibitor shall pay such shortage, and if the participation fee exceeds such penalty, the Organizers shall return such excess to the Exhibitor.
Period classification Penalty amount
Prior to September 30, 2019 50% of participation fee or reduction
After September 30, 2019 100% of participation fee or reduction
Article 10. Establishment of and Compliance with Supplementary Regulations
1. The Organizers may establish detailed rules for operating the Exhibition in addition to this Regulation, if necessary, and the Exhibitor shall comply with such rules as well as this Regulation.
2. The Exhibitor shall comply with any and all regulations concerning the exhibition hall where the Exhibition is held.

Article 11. Interpretation
1. If there is any difference in opinion between the Organizers and the Exhibitor regarding the interpretation of this Regulation, the Organizers’ interpretation and decisions shall prevail
2. Any matters not specified herein shall be determined by mutual consultation between the Exhibitor and the Organizers.

Article 12. Resolution of Disputes
1. If there is any dispute between the Organizers and the Exhibitor regarding the interpretation hereof and there is any discrepancy in opinions between both parties on their rights and obligations, such dispute and discrepancy shall be resolved by the arbitration and rendering of an award by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board ("KCAB").
2. The award rendered by the KCAB shall be final and binding on both parties, who may not file a suit to the court regarding the award.

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